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Collective Health believes that accessing and paying for healthcare should be simple, transparent and feel good. That starts with fixing a very complicated health insurance system, and even stronger stigma around it. 

I partnered with our Heads of Design and Marketing in directing the brand agency Hello Monday over the course of a two-month rebrand for Collective Health. The goal was to capture the brand's honesty and resolve through a strong visual language that stands apart from the traditional healthcare startup landscape. From there we continued to evolve the visual system and extend it across a wide variety of touchpoints, ranging from digital and printed customer communications, physical packaging, marketing collateral, websites, and campaigns.

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Brand Identity,
Visual Design System



The brandmark symbolizes a complete, full circle healthcare solution, one where Collective Health is the line that bridges the gap between the disparate worlds of people and their health insurance companies.

The brandmark and the horizontal wordmark can be separated from each other to create a dynamic relationship between the two, and allows for more freedom in composing layouts.


The concept of ‘imperfectly perfect’ centers around showing humans—real humans—in all their glorious detail. Unlike traditional insurance companies that feature forced smiles and happy families, the focus is on genuine emotion. 

After establishing the art direction and shotlist, I worked with Peter Samuels to capture the subjects against a studio backdrop, elevating their moments of vulnerability and strength.



I collaborated with Celeste Prevost of MathxJoy to develop a distinct iconography style and produce a full set that's used across the brand and product touchpoints. Taking cues from environmental signage and airport pictograms, the icons are intended to be universally understood, guiding navigation in a quick read.

Our core icon style is defined by a ‘thread’ gesture, where a refined, single-colored stroke chooses the simplest set of lines to depict an object or idea. There is a distinct start and finish to the brushstroke, an anticipated moment of connection.


B2B Collateral

The identity system allows for a consistent brand presence across a variety of business needs both client facing and internal, such as event invitations, swag, sales one-pagers, and more. 


Art Direction, Visual + UX Design

Director of Brand Creative — Abdul Ovaice
Head of Marketing — SJ Sacchetti
Development — Spencer Ruskin
Logo Animation — Jessica Duong