'Life Happens Online' eeroPlus Photography
Art Direction

Art direction for eeroPlus, shot with lifestyle photographer Todd Tankersley. 

eeroPlus is an annual subscription service that provides additional layers of online security and parental controls to the eero WiFi network. It’s a core offering of the eero platform, but had proven difficult to pitch to consumers due to the abstract nature of cyber security. We redesigned the messaging around the product, and created imagery that resembles the modern home and all the technology that powers it. It’s a scene now familiar to many of us — the family gathered, enjoying their ipads, gaming systems, laptops, and phones together.

The photography set is featured throughout digital advertising and as hero imagery on the product page. See it on

Role: Art Director / Design Lead
Photographer: Todd Tankersley
Creative Direction: Saphierrina Sutherland



eeroPlus carpet photography kids ipadeeroPlus carpet photography kids ipad